Does Sunscreen Expire? Understanding The Lifespan of Sunscreen - Bask Suncare

Does Sunscreen Expire? Understanding The Lifespan of Sunscreen - Bask Suncare

It's something we often overlook – the expiration date of our sunscreen. But does sunscreen expire_? The short answer is yes. All sunscreens have a shelf life beyond which their efficacy diminishes. But what's the science behind this, and how does it affect the performance of the sunscreen? Moreover, how does Bask's sunscreen, with a shelf-life of 3 years, compare with other products in the market?

Why Sunscreen Expires: The Science Explained
Simply put, sunscreens expire because their active ingredients lose their potency over time, resulting in decreased effectiveness. As a sunscreen passes its expiration date, it will not provide adequate protection against the sun's harmful UV rays. This increases the risk of sunburn and long-term sun damage.

What Happens When Sunscreen Expires?
When sunscreen expires, not only does it provide less protection, it may also undergo physical changes. It might become lumpy or change color, making it less pleasant to use. Even worse, expired sunscreen might no longer spread evenly on your skin, leaving you with patchy protection.

Bask's Shelf Life: Leading The Pack
Bask takes the issue of sunscreen expiration very seriously. We pride ourselves in offering products that keep their effectiveness for three years, which is considered best in class in the sunscreen category. This long shelf life allows you to make the most of your Bask products, without worrying about quick expiration, and degrading performance. Stability is very important for SPF performance, and we took the additional steps to ensure that Bask is the most stable and long-lasting sunscreen on the market. 

Reinventing Sunscreen via Bask
At Bask, we're not just about making sunscreen that lasts. We aim to turn sunscreen into something you want to wear, rather than something you have to. Hence, we've worked hard to develop sunscreens that feel good on your skin, don't sting your eyes, or stain your clothes. Our sunscreens have won accolades for .We're more than just a sunscreen brand. Bask is about basking in your purpose, rediscovering the world safely, and paying it forward. Our sunscreens are tools for empowering your exploration of life’s best moments. We invite you to join our mission of ending skin cancer by making sunscreen a part of your daily routine.