The Beach Read Vol.5

The Beach Read Vol.5

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After 68 years, Land Rover is no more (don't worry, though, it's just the name that's going). New York's most inventive pizzas are from pop-ups. Let's get weird on social media. The art of never changing at Cafe Luxembourg. Helmut Lang has a new Creative Director. New invention merges the straightener and hairdryer into one. The ice cream shop that turns into an after-hours dance party. Shrimp cocktail has entered its $30 era. The new trailer for "The Bear" season 2 has dropped. Leaked: Twitter...but make it Instagram. Ranking Kendall Roy's 13 best outfits of all time. The plot to steal Coca-Cola's other secret. Does your husband (or you) want an upgrade on the boat shoe?

A Must Read New Book

Described by NY Times best-seller Elin Hilderbrand as "the memoir of the year," Look For Me There by former NBC News Correspondent Luke Russert should be on the top of your summer reading list.

In it, Luke explores the world, his place in it, the grief of losing his father - legendary Meet The Press host Tim Russert - and his relationship with his mother, the iconic Vanity Fair Special Correspondent. From the discovery of his father's passing, to his decision to leave NBC after an encounter with Speaker of the House Boehner, to his meeting an Insta-famous Otter in Tokyo, you'll enjoy this journey with Luke. 

Now That What Bask Calls Music

The nostalgia of summer has hit the Bask Instagram feed, and now it's on Spotify too! Check out our IG for TRL-inspired countdowns of the best songs of the summer...every summer from 1990-2009. Here's 1999.

Founder Faves

For me, summer means Nantucket. And that's the theme of my favorites this month:
  • Guy, gal, or kid...this is the shoe you need this summer. Comfortable, versatile, slip on, fashionable, and inexpensive.
  • I consider this big news: BK's Fini Pizza is in Amagansett this summer.
  • This could be the most comfortable shirt you ever wear.
  • Anything from The Cultural Tutor on Twitter, but definitely this thread.

The Reading List 

Welcome back to Baskforce member and resident #BookTok queen Nicole Pearce (IGTikTok), for probably her most important Reading List section of the year: The Summer Reading List. A bunch of recs coming your way, click the category links to see the full list of recs on Nicole's Instagram:
Quick-read, digestible Non-Fiction Books:
Historical Fiction books I absolutely loved and recommend:
Books I recommend to everyone that I know you'll love, whoever you are:
  • We Beging At The End by Chris Whitaker - I don't really think of this as a thriller, but I guess it kind of is. Something bad happens to a group of friends in a small town, and then it kind of picks up with this same group of people 30 years later. it is so good. The ending is perfect. I absolutely adore this one. 
  • Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy - Such a moving book and so well written. Animals are going extinct, and the main character follows birds on their final migration south. It's about more than that, though. It's about man's relationship with animals and about the main character's struggles and her past.  
Some other recs to check out: long booksfiction (if you liked x, read y!)books that made me cry (actual tears), thrillers (if you liked x, read y).