The Beach Read Vol.2

The Beach Read Vol.2

I saw this and thought of you

Mikey here. I was out boating with some friends around Miami the other day, and we accidentally stumbled upon this whacky group of dilapidated houses sitting on stilts about a mile off shore!
It’s called Stiltsville and, like most Miami origin stories, is rooted in vice: to escape prohibition, many residents built structures - literally in the water on stilts - far enough away that they were exempt from gambling and drinking laws (photos below). They served as members clubs, retreats, and debaucherous hangouts. At its peak, there were 50 homes. Today, only 7 that are part of a historic trust.
Some of the early names are great: Crawfish Eddie, Party Central, Bikini Club, and Quarterdeck Club - about which a 1941 article in Life magazine wrote: “[an] extraordinary American community dedicated solely to sunlight, salt water and the well-being of the human spirit." Kind of sounds like the Bask community! Anyway, this was a cool thing to see, and I had to tell you about it!

As Seen on IG

Are you ready for Bask IRL? We're highlighting our incredible retailers across the country. First up, Pilgrim Surf + Supply in Williamsburg - NYC's coolest surf shop.
Big news! We're adding trend forecaster to our resume. Bask colors are everywhere, like on these suits from Beach Riot. They pair perfectly with our lotion and spray, check out the inspo here.

Vacation Envy

Meet Erin Meskers, Brand Marketing Consultant and Bask Non-Aerosol Spray aficionado. After asking you to send us photos of your trips, Erin reached out with her last one. And, thanks to her, we're adding Puerto Escondido and San Juan Teotihuacán to #PlacestoBask.
Erin stayed at Casona Sforza, a boutique hotel known for its vaulted brick arches. The hotel's architecture blends seamlessly into the surrounding coastal area and celebrates local craft and culture. One of the (literal) peaks of the trip was a hot air balloon ride. Name a better way to see the city? We can't. 


Every Monday our Instagram features #MoodboardMonday - themed collections of Bask-y scenes, moments, and inspiration. Recently we shared some sultry, sun-drenched moments from the very talented photographer Cameron Hammond.

Founder Favorites

  • Prominent NYC-based interior designer Emily Del Bello just launched Emily By Emily, a line of faux florals, and I’m obsessed.
  • My only complaint about my new favorite pilates uniform is that it’s only available in two colors. The Alo onesie is 🤌.
  • Not to fangirl too hard, but I’m also loving the Alo Clubhouse Skort. Must love skorts.
  • For you Nantucket lovers dreaming of summer, here’s some of my favorite ACK accounts: Nantucket PhotosMeg Dunn (a favorite local photographer), Ackpicnics (amazing inspo for beach decor and outdoor gatherings), and of course Nantucket Current (for island news and gossip).
  • Can't get enough of Mandolin Aegean Bistro in Miami. All dining is al fresco in a renovated 1930s bungalow that transports you to a Greek island. The food is amazing & fresh. I’ve had everything. You can’t go wrong.
  • Have you tried biom? The world’s first refillable, biodegradable, and home compostable wipes. And they come in a beautiful dispenser you’ll actually want on the counter. I’m a fan!
  • Everyone’s talking about pickleball, but they should be talking about Padel (pronounced puh-del)! Here’s why
  • For any budding entrepreneurs, the Trader Joe’s founder’s autobiography is a great read. A quirky guy obsessed with treating people well.

Summer Reading List

Nicole Pearce - The Internet's Renaissance Woman - is back to provide recommendations for great reads for pool days, beach days, and every days. This month's recs: 

All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda is a thriller told in reverse — perfect if you're looking for a page turner.

For something quick and quirky that will leave a smile on your face, try Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson.

And if you're looking for a book that you won't be able to put down, check out Monday's Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson (warning: this one will break your heart).

For more of Nicole's book recs, check our her TikTok page, and her top 3 books from '22.