The Beach Read Vol.3

The Beach Read Vol.3

It's warming up, the sun no longer sets at 4:30 PM, and blue bird days are here. Spring is officially upon us, and we are Jessie Spano on caffeine pills excited. We love spring and everything it represents. We also love that it means we’re one step closer to summer, but let’s live in the moment and embrace this season of pastels and lacrosse mullets.


As Seen on IG

Over the past couple months we've been having fun recreating vintage ads on Instagram. Bringing in a sense of nostalgia is what Bask is all about from our scent, to the packaging, to the brand as a whole. Check them out and share any recs! 

Vacation Envy

We asked for a glimpse into your latest travels and you guys delivered! Here are some of our favorite submissions:
  • Paige Goldstein has been hopping around to some of the coolest travel destinations and is currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. "I’ve traveled for 1.5 years in my Bask merch and using the sunscreen! It’s come with me from Greece to Cape Town to Hawaii and it’s the best brand!"
  • Dolce Vita brought us along for their brand trip to the beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica. What else did they pack in their beach bag? Well, Monday Swimwear of course and some of the best sandals we've seen from their new raffia collection
  • Beloved Baskforce member Kay Laesco who lives in Hawaii (we're very envious) shares some insight on her aloha mindset: "Life in Hawaii is full of sunshine, beaches, and an easy going way of living. I love to lounge under the palms and go for quick dips in the beautiful Hawaiian waters. Some of my favorite local spots include, Waikiki beach, Ko olina beach, and Leonard’s." 


Every Monday our Instagram features #MoodboardMonday - a themed collection of photos we feel meet the Bask aesthetic.

One of our favorite #MoodboardMonday's of the month is brought to you by the quirky and colorful Miami lifeguard towers.

When Hurricane Andrew destroyed 6 lifeguard towers on Miami Beach in the 90s, the city hired local architect William Lane to replace them. They were so beloved that 20 years later, Miami Beach came back to him and asked him to design all 36 lifeguard towers from South Point Park up to 86th Street.

Here’s what @williamlanearchitect said about the structural designs that inject uniquely Miami personality into the functional towers that span the beach:

“Much like the Moai figures on Easter Island, they are an expression for identity and culture on Miami Beach. Within the abstract detailing of the roof lines, contours, colors and materials, is the optimistic futurism of Art Deco, the local comfort of Cracker Style, and the brightness of South Florida’s tropical fauna. The towers are activators of public space and in this case of the beach itself. Unlike military watchtowers, they host lifeguards that will protect and serve. At the extreme, they can help save a life. Given the opportunity to revisit the towers, the new detailing pays close attention to environmental and programmatic design.”


Founder Faves


  • I love these little name bracelets from Names for Good. I have one for my son and one for my husband, and it’s my new go to gift for new moms. And I love that they donate a portion of proceeds to charity. 
  • If you’ve never used a silk pillow, you’ve never truly slept. Not only does it feel amazing, but there are numerous skin & hair benefits. I like this one from Shoosh which also comes with a complimentary travel pouch, so I can bring her on the road.
  • I know they say not to get high off your own supply, but I bought one of Nicole Pearce’s recommendations from the last Beach Read, and love it so far! Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson.
  • I am writing this from Warren, VT where I just finished a wonderful day of skiing at Sugarbush. Made all the better since I was wearing the Lawrence Jacket and Alessandra Pant in “Blue Bird” from Halfdays, a great new outdoor brand for women.
  • Mike
    • I know I’m late to the game, but I just started listening to the SmartLess podcast with Will Arnett, Sean Hayes, and Jason Bateman. I dropped a weight on myself in the gym the other day because I was laughing so hard, so use caution. 
    • Dad mode: we just started using my new favorite stroller. This thing by Doona is awesome. Their convertible car seat/stroller is unbeatable for city living. 
    • I travel from Miami to Palm Beach a lot these days, and now exclusively on the The Brightline - America’s best train line. Can’t recommend it more highly, and it beats the heck out of I-95 traffic.
    • We recently visited the sleepy, relaxing, and beautiful Anguilla. It’s truly chill. Tiny with wonderful people, and the restaurants are excellent - all locally owned and run with fresh, local ingredients. We stayed at Cap Juluca, and loved every second of it. If you want to completely relax in a place that isn’t sceney, Anguilla is it.

    Summer Reading List

    Hi! Nicole Pearce here again. This month I'm sharing 5 books I would recommend to anyone. Even without knowing your personal preference, these 5 books are a pretty sure bet you'll like them:
    1. A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman - This is just such a heartwarming book, I had tears streaming down my face at the end. I loved it so much, I fell in love with the characters. Fredrik Backman has a distinct writing style so if you're not feeling it at first, just give it time.
    2. Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy - Such a moving book and so well written. Animals are going extinct and the main character follows birds on their final migration down south. It's about more than that though, it's about mans relationship with nature and animals, and about the main characters struggles and her past.  
    3. The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead - By a phenomenal writer, this one is historical fiction based off of a real boys reform school in Florida during the civil rights movement. It's such a good book. 
    4. We Begin at the End by Chris Whitaker - I don't really think of this one as a thriller, but I guess it kind of is. Something bad happens to a group of friends in a small town, then it picks up with the same group 30 years later. The ending is perfect, I absolutely adored this one. 
    5. The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah - Kristen Hannah is a safe recommendation because she writes a damn good book, my personal favorite being this one. She will leave you in emotional shambles, but her books are great.