Choosing the Best Body Sunscreen with Bask Suncare

Choosing the Best Body Sunscreen with Bask Suncare

Choosing the Best Body Sunscreen with Bask Suncare

As our Co-Founders, Mike Huffstetler and Brittany Stone, navigated the confusing aisles of sunscreens, they felt a sea change was needed. Many people neglect daily sunscreen application partly because current offerings can be unappealing. That's where Bask Suncare steps in, creating body sunscreens with facial grade ingredients and textures that feel good on your skin and protect you effectively.

Understanding SPF and Sunscreen Application

A critical factor in sun safety is the body sunscreen's SPF (Sun Protection Factor), which signifies its level of UVB protection. But an equally important aspect is reapplication. Sun safety extends beyond the initial sunscreen application; it necessitates reapplication approximately every two hours and after heavy sweating or swimming. With a comfortable and easily absorbed formula like Bask's, reapplication becomes a refreshing skincare moment rather than a chore.

Also important is that your body sunscreen is broad spectrum so that it protects against both UVB and UVA rays. Many body sunscreens today lack in UVA protection making you susceptible to the deeper penetrating rays which progress skin aging and are predominantly responsible for the development of melanoma skin cancers.

Applying Body Sunscreen: Tips for Optimal Coverage

For thorough coverage, we recommend applying penny to quarter-sized dollops of our SPF 30 or SPF 50 Lotion directly to the body, and then adding our SPF 30 or SPF 50 non-aerosol sunscreen on top and for reapplication, Apply the body sunscreen spray no more than 3-4  inches from your skin, and then rub in. Always aim for even saturation to ensure that the majority of SPF hits your skin and not your palms.

Award-Winning Body Sunscreen

Our SPF 50 Spray holds the honor of being named 'Best Body Sunscreen' by multiple publications, including winning Glamour’s 2023 award for best body sunscreen. Enriched with clean ingredients, it prioritizes your skin's safety while offering effective protection against harmful UV rays.

Rediscovering the Joy of Sun Safe Outdoor Experiences with Bask Suncare’s Body Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen doesn't have to hinder your outside adventures. Bask in the sunshine safely and comfortably with Bask Suncare's award-winning body sunscreen. Rediscover the joy of outdoor activities, confident that your skin is protected. Sun safety doesn’t mean sunphobia. Bask exists so that you can enjoy more sunshine with the confidence that you’re protected. Sunshine is a beautiful thing, and with Bask you can embrace all of those happy, sun-soaked moments.

Together, let's prioritize sun safety and skin health. Choose Bask Suncare, the feel-good body sunscreen that loves your skin as much as you do.