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Hi, we're Bask! We’re a celebration of feeling good: in the sun, in your skin, and with your people. Sunshine has always helped us do that. But sunscreen hasn’t. So, we created great-feeling SPF formulas that are lightweight, non-oily, easy to apply, and better for you and the environment.

Started after losing a family member to skin cancer, we set out to change suncare by inspiring and motivating people to wear more sunscreen because the products are so good, and the brand so beautiful and fun. Not out of fear or a sense of obligation. To make suncare you want to wear. And Bask was born. 

Clean Ingredients

More than 80% of the sunscreen products available for purchase in the United States have Oxybenzone and/or Octinoxate in them. These ingredients are bad for our bodies, and have also been linked to potential environmental disruption.

We never have and never will use Oxybenzone or Octinoxate in our products. We also test each production run to ensure that none of our products contain benzene. 

All of our ingredients are sustainably sourced and free of parabens and sulfate.  

SPF it Forward 

One in five Americans will get skin cancer by age 70, and yet, it is the most preventable form of cancer. 

We partner with The Skin Protection Foundation (SPF) to build awareness for sun safety and increase access to sunscreen. 50% of our products and our profits are donated to our NPO partners so every purchase you make is paying it forward. 


Our goal is pretty ambitious: we want to end skin cancer. We personally know the toll it can take, and we don't want other families to have to experience what we did at the hands of the most preventable cancer. The best way to fight this disease, in our eyes, is to make suncare fun and enjoyable. We made the packaging beautiful and fashionable, the formulas effortless and luxurious, our messaging fun and approachable. All so you can seek the sun safely.

We love that you're here on our page. And even if you don't buy Bask, please just wear sunscreen!

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Team Bask

For more about why we started Bask, here's a post from our founder.


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