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Why use sunscreen?

Sunscreen is one of the most important products that you can use. No matter your age, skin type, or skin tone, we believe it’s an essential product and a tool that empowers people to enjoy life outdoors. The sun is a beautiful thing, and we should all enjoy it, but we should do so safely, and sunscreen allows for that.

The sun can damage our skin in two ways: overexposure to UVB rays can cause painful sunburns that can lead to the development of skin cancer; overexposure to UVA rays can also lead to skin cancer, and because UVA rays penetrate the skin more deeply, they can cause premature aging and wrinkling in your skin.

We feel very strongly about using sunscreen. With 5 million cases diagnosed annually, skin cancer is more diagnosed than all other cancers combined. But it is also the most preventable, and sunscreen is your key to protecting yourself from contracting this deadly disease.

We recommend using broad spectrum sunscreen - meaning sunscreens that provide protection against UVA and UVB rays. All Bask products are broad spectrum sunscreens. As Baz Luhrmann told us in 1999, “ladies and gentlemen...wear sunscreen. If I could offer only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.”

Is Bask sunscreen reef-safe?
Yes! All Bask products are reef-safe. We do not use Oxybenzone or Octinoxate. These two ingredients are illegal in the state of Hawaii due to studies that demonstrate potential damaging effects to coral reef. But they shouldn’t be used anywhere else either, and that's because they have damaging effects on the human body which you can read about in the section on Oxybenzone and Octinoxate in our FAQs. Reef-safe is a very interesting term, though. We use it because we conform to the Hawaiian standard (along with Key West, Florida, it's the only legal standard for what constitutes reef-safe sunscreen), and because it's the short-hand way of identifying sunscreens without Oxybenzone or Octinoxate. However, it isn't a regulated term, and there is some argument around what is and what isn't considered reef-safe. If we're being completey honest - which we're oft to do - then we'd have to tell you that even sunscreens with Oxybenzone and Octinoxate have pretty limited responsibility for reef damage and coral bleaching. The largest contributors to damaging coral reef are global warming and water pollution. This accounts for 99%+ of all coral reef damage. Most of the strong opinions around what should or should not be considered reef-safe sunscreens are held by advocates of mineral sunscreens. This is ironic because the mining and production of mineral sunscreens is very harmful to the environment, and contributes to the macro issue damaging coral reefs far more than any type of chemical sunscreen run-off ever could.   
Is Bask Cruelty free and Vegan?
Yes. All Bask products are vegan, and cruelty free. We never test our products on animals, and we are Leaping Bunny certified.
How do I apply sunscreen?
When using sunscreen, we recommend applying it directly to your skin, and then rubbing it in with your hands. Most people tend to put sunscreen in their hands, rub it in their palms, and then apply it. When you do this you are unintentionally getting less coverage on other areas of your body that get more UV exposure than your palms. So apply it directly to each body part, and then rub it in with your hands until it is sheer (no longer visible) on your skin. When using a spray, we recommend holding the spray nozzle just a few inches from the application area (even more important to spray close to your skin on windy days!), and spraying back and forth at least 4 times to get good coverage. After you have done this, please rub in the sunscreen to ensure you don’t miss areas. There is nothing worse than making sure you are wearing sunscreen, but accidentally missing an area and getting burned there. At Bask, we like to apply a layer of lotion, and then continually apply layers of spray every 30-45 minutes. We recommend reapplying at least every hour, and the FDA recommends doing so at least every two hours.
Do I need to wear sunscreen on cloudy days?
The short answer is yes. The cloudy day! This is the sneakiest day for sunburns. Even though Mr. Sun is hiding behind the clouds, that doesn’t mean he’s not on full blast. We’ve heard countless reports of people who got terrible sunburns because they felt cloud coverage meant they didn’t need to apply their SPF. That is not the case.
How often should I reapply?
The FDA would tell you to apply every 2 hours, but we would tell you: the more the merrier! We like to apply every 30 minutes to 60 minutes. You should absolutely apply after going into the water, sweating, or toweling off. When you towel off, you are removing sunscreen with the towel, so it’s vital to reapply after toweling.
Why are you called Bask?
We are called Bask because we believe in the healing and regeneration powers of the sun. We want you to be outside, especially since 42% of Americans are Vitamin D deficient. It's proven that being in the sun for 120 minutes per week can lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle - both mentally and physically. So we are Bask because we want you to bask in the sun, and bask in your deeper purpose, joy, and meaning. We believe deeply in basking in our purpose. Our purpose is to create suncare products that people want to wear, and, by doing so, help to decrease the instances of skin cancer. We do this through the inherent empowerment of our products, and also through our various philanthropic work which supports skin cancer prevention, awareness, and treatment.
Can I wear Bask products on my face?
The short answer is yes, but our current set of products is designed specifically for the 95% of your skin that isn’t on your face.
What makes Bask products “clean”?
The most important thing is that we never, ever have or will use Oxybenzone or Octinoxate as active ingredients in our products. You can read more about why we don't like Oxybenzone and Octinoxate in our FAQ. All of our formulas have been tested extensively to ensure that they do not irritate your skin, and none of our ingredients score higher than a 4 on the EWG Skin Deep rating scale. The only exception is our synthetic fragrance, but we have tested our products extensively, and they are all dermatologist recommended.
What are Oxybenzone and Octinoxate?
In short, they are two ingredients that you will never find in a Bask product. Oxybenzone and Octinoxate are active UV filters that are currently found in over 80% of sunscreens on the market today. That fact was one of the most important driving forces behind Bask. They are bad for your body, are hormone-disrupters, and they shouldn’t be in any products made for human use, let alone be in 80%+ of all sunscreens. Oxybenzone is a hormone-disrupter that has been found in breast cancer tissue, is in 90% of Americans’ bloodstreams, and 85% of nursing mothers’ breast milk. It’s important when picking out a sunscreen to look at the ingredients to ensure that the product does not contain Oxybenzone or Octinoxate. Even though many companies are finally starting to phase out these two ingredients, please note that in a drug store aisle you will find that, when looking at two different bottles of sunscreen of the same product by the same manufacturer right next two each other, one can often contain Oxybenzone/Octinoxate while the other does not. Sadly, instead of recalling the product, many companies want to sell through their current stockpile of Oxybenzone and Octinoxate products first. Do not use Oxybenzone or Octinoxate.
Do you sell mineral sunscreen?
We do not currently offer mineral products, but we hope to do so as soon as we can create one that is effective (most mineral sunscreens don’t meet their SPF claims - it's worth noting that many chemical sunscreens also don't meet their SPF claims), goes on smooth, and doesn’t leave a white cast. We’re working on it!
What’s the difference between mineral and chemical sunscreen?
Mineral and Organic (also known as chemical) sunscreens are both effective UV filters that help to prevent sun burns and premature skin aging. Chemical sunscreens use a variety of FDA-approved UV filters made from organic compounds to protect your skin. They work by absorbing into the skin and dissipating UV rays. It is important when choosing a chemical sunscreen to avoid Oxybenzone and Octinoxate. We have more information as to why in our FAQ, but both ingredients are harmful to the body and the environment. Mineral sunscreens are made from the inorganic compounds Zinc Oxide and/or Titanium Dioxide. These work both by absorbing UV light and also by sitting on top of the skin and deflecting UV rays like a blocker. They are often recommended for individuals with very sensitive skin that is prone to rash or breakouts. Be careful when using these products to ensure that you are getting a smooth application and that the products are non-nanoparticle mineral sunscreens. We do not recommend using mineral-based sprays, especially if they are aerosol-based. We do not currently offer a mineral sunscreen option, but until we do, you can reach out to us if you would like a recommendation. Which one is right for you? That’s a matter of personal preference. At Bask, we think the best sunscreen is the one that you are going to use (as long as it doesn’t have Oxybenzone or Octinoxate, and, if a mineral sunscreen, it is non-nano and not a spray).
What active ingredients does Bask use?

Bask uses the following active ingredients as UV filters:

Avobenzone 3%: UVA UV filter

Homosalate 7.5%: UVB UV filter, excellent for dissolving hard to solubilize powder agents like Avobenzone

Octisalate 5%: UVB UV filter, used in combination with other UV filters to solubilize solid UV filters

Octocrylene 5%: UVAB and UVAII UV Filter that helps to photostabilize other UV filters like Avobenzone and Homosalate 

What inactive ingredients does Bask use?
  • Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer: Emulsifier and texture enhancer
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice: Aloe - moisturizer and anti-inflammatory
  • C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate: Texture enhancer, emollient
  • Carbomer: Emulsion stabilizer, viscosity increasing
  • Disodium EDTA: Bonding agent, viscosity control
  • Ethylhexylglycerin: Cosmetic preservative
  • Fragrance: SPF odor masking; aroma. For us it's a light coconut vanilla scent.
  • Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose: Lubricant, thickener, emulsion stabilizing
  • Phenoxyethanol: Cosmetic preservation
  • Polyethylene: Bonding agent, emulsion aid
  • Polysorbate 20: enhances spreadability
  • Propylene Glycol: Skin hydrating
  • Sodium Hydroxide: Alkaline that preserves pH
  • Sorbitan Oleate: Olive oil fatty acid emulsifier
  • Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter: Cocoa Butter - Moisturizer and emollient
  • Tocopheryl Acetate: Antioxidant that conditions the skin
  • Water: H2O
What is Leaping Bunny Certified? Is Bask Leaping Bunny Certified?
Leaping Bunny (also known as Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics or CCIC) is a collective of animal rights and animal protection groups that banded together to create an international standard for consumers to identify which products truly are cruelty free. Bask products are Leaping Bunny Certified.
Is Bask’s spray non-aerosol?
Bask’s spray (and all future spray products) is non-aerosol. We do not use an aerosolizing agent to pressurize our spray product, but instead use compressed air which is better for you and better for the environment. Typically, companies use an aerosolizing agent like propane to pressurize their spray products, and more often than not, they mix the aerosolizing agent directly with the lotion. We thought that was one of the most disgusting things we’d ever heard, and we don’t even let our compressed air come into contact with our formula because we use bag-on-vale technology in our spray bottle. It’s more expensive for us, but worth it for the peace of mind it provides. Please note that even though our spray products are non-aerosol, they are still under pressure, and therefore potentially combustible or flammable if exposed to extreme heat or air pressure.
What charities do you work with?
Bask is committed to giving back in an effort to curb skin cancer. We remain disappointed and motivated by the fact that skin cancer is the most diagnosed cancer despite being the most preventable. While we are donating to skin cancer research, our charitable efforts are primarily focused on prevention and awareness. The primary recipient of our charitable efforts is SPF - The Skin Protection Foundation, an organization dedicated to combating skin cancer on the front lines by giving away sunscreen for free on beaches and public parks. We support them financially and through donated products. Bask has donated 15,000 units of sunscreen to SPF to aid in their efforts to increase access to sunscreen. We also donate sunscreen directly to schools and camps that serve low-income or troubled youth. This is part of our effort to increase access to sunscreen.
Will you donate sunscreen to my charity/school?
Yes we will. We are excited at the opportunity to donate sunscreen to camps, schools, and youth organizations that support low-income children. Please contact us at if you meet the previously described criteria and need sunscreen. We will do our best to help.
Where is Bask based?
Bask is based in New York and Miami, and we manufacture our products in Miami. Our warehouse and fulfillment center is in Dallas.
Isn’t the sun good for you?
Not only is the sun good for you, but it’s great for you! It’s energizing and beautiful, and it’s the source of all life. Being in the sun is proven to have incredible physical and mental health benefits, and you should spend at least 120 minutes in the sun every week. We want to empower people to do that safely. That’s why we exist. So, wear your Bask, and go out and play!
What is your return policy?

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What is your shipping policy?

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