Best Sunscreen over $20

The Zoe Report High/Low Beauty Awards

Bask SPF 30 Lotion

"Bask’s reef-friendly sunscreen is more than just pretty packaging — though to be sure, it’s got that covered, too. Beyond the summery, butter-colored tube, this SPF is just how sunscreen should be: truly sheer, silky to the touch, non-clogging, and fast-absorbing. “This sunscreen is great with no white cast and the most delicious scent,” guest judge Sofie Pavitt says, adding that its formula is ideal even for sensitive skin types."

Unanimous Selection

STYLECASTER Beauty Awards: Suncare Edition

Bask SPF 30 Non-Aerosol Spray

"The body sunscreen has an extremely nice cloud mist that makes applying it a breeze. Bonus points for the super-aesthetic packaging!"

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