Sunscreen Before Or After Moisturizer? Should You Apply Sunscreen Before Or After Moisturizer?

Sunscreen Before Or After Moisturizer? Should You Apply Sunscreen Before Or After Moisturizer?

Sunscreen Before Or After Moisturizer? Simplified By Bask Suncare! 

One of the frequently asked questions about a skincare routine is where sunscreen application fits in—does it come before or after a moisturizer? At Bask Suncare, one of our missions is to simplify sun safety measures and help you incorporate them into your daily routine conveniently.

Sunscreen Application: It's All About the Protective Layer

Sunscreen application is vital for ensuring effective skin protection. This means it should ideally be the last product you apply in your skincare routine to create a protective barrier against harmful UV Rays. Hence, it's recommended to apply sunscreen after your moisturizer and other skincare products, but *before* any beauty products. This ensures that your skin is effectively shielded from sun damage while still reaping the benefits of your moisturizer.

One thing to consider is that if you use a moisturizing sunscreen like Bask's SPF 30 or SPF 50 Sheer Moisturizing Lotion or Bask's SPF 40 Daily Invisible Gel, you can skip the moisturizer altogether because these are SPFs with deep hydration and skin barrier support built in.

Bask's Sunscreen Application Protocol: Striking Balance with Moisturizers

Applying Bask sunscreen post moisturizing may seem like an additional step in your skincare routine. However, remember that our sunscreens are not only protective but hydrating too. Applying Bask sunscreen every hour can serve as a rejuvenating spa experience, enhancing your skin’s health and glow while ensuring protection.

Right Application, Optimum Protection

Remember, the main goal of applying sunscreen is to create a shield against harmful ultraviolet radiation. This layer should ideally be uninterrupted for the best effect. Therefore, when you're pairing sunscreen with a moisturizer or other skincare products, make sure to apply them in the right order.

More Than Just A Sunscreen

While sunscreen is a vital tool in your sun safety portfolio, reinforcing your protection with other sun-safe practices like wearing protective clothing, hats, sunglasses, and seeking shade during peak sunlight hours can significantly bolster your defense. Furthermore, understanding the correct answer to 'sunscreen before or after moisturizer?' fosters a healthier, more effective skincare routine.Embrace Bask's commitment to not only offer you a range of clean, reef-safe sunscreens but also important insights into the best usage practices. With Bask, sun protection is not only about preventing sunburns with SPF—it's about making sure every layer of your skincare routine is serving your skin's best interests.