The Beach Read Vol.6

The Beach Read Vol.6

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To Gen Z, food is the new luxury. What does that mean for fashion? Kate Moss is the new Creative Director at Diet Coke. ICYMI, Tom Ford’s first post-exit interview. Is Alo Yoga beating Lululemon at its own game? How Hermes landed on its signature color (Twist! it was an accident). Wait, wait…how much does the Chanel x F1 Tee Shirt cost? The end of the Hunter Boot era…and company. But don’t worry, say hi to the Huckberry x Croc. The case for buying beautiful things. $8 thrift shop plates worth $40,000? A new Greenpoint Mexican spot worth trying. What’s the Deal With Adulthood? 25 Years Later, ‘Seinfeld’ Feels Revelatory. This scammer is doubling down. We’re all bad neighbors now. The LA Horses restaurant story is wild. An iconic wine store and the mystery of the missing bottles. How to get a table at Tatiana. Exploring JFK Jr.'s Cape Cod. Miami Beach named the World's top nude beach.

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We collaborated with NYC based graphic artist But Like Maybe on a work we're calling "Types of Guys You'll Meet in The Hamptons".  Check out the post for Hampton Hipster, Phone Number Barter Guy, and Dudefluencer.  Let us know if we missed anyone! Be sure to check out all things summer and follow along on the Bask Instagram.

Bask Playlists are a Must

No matter the mood, vibe, or setting, we have you covered in the music department. Head on over to the Bask Spotify to fill the melodic needs of your car rides, beach days, pool parties, and cocktail shindigs.

The OG. Melodic electronic for every mood or setting. Beach, work, play, and everything in between.
Inspired by the works of Nancy Meyers, the soundtrack to your life this summer could (should?) also be the soundtracks of her films.
While listening to the live music at The Cap Shack in Anguilla, we quickly realized every song should have a reggae version.


Founder Faves

Since I live in Florida, swim is a year-long season for me, but here are some new items I'm loving that I just picked up for summer:
  • This Bug Bite Thing is amazing. It's so simple yet it works. If mosquitos destroy your summer, then buy this.
  • Some beachy shirt brands I'm into right now: TomboloDuvin, and Mavrans.
  • Some swimwear I'm into right now: OAS, Kenny Flowers matching dad/baby swimsuits (so, I can dress Herbie up like me before we reach the time when he wants nothing to do with that anymore 😔 ), Fair Harbor if you hate a mesh lining, Orlebar Brown bulldog style if you want to splurge and are over Vilebrequin.
  • Look For Me There: Grieving My Father, Finding Myself is a phenomenal book written by my college roommate and Bask advocate Luke Russert. It's great, deep, had me laughing & crying, and I strongly recommend it.

The Reading List

A monthly Beach Read staple is of course...the reading list. Welcome back to Baskforce member and resident #BookTok queen Nicole Pearce (IGTikTok). The Martha's Vineyard native knows just what to read on the beach this summer.

Here are five books that I think deserve more hype on #booktok. I rarely if ever see them recommended but they are so, so good.
  • Lights All Night Long - It follows two brothers growing up in their home town in Russia, and then their lives go down very, very different paths.
  • The Great Believers follows a group of friends in Chicago in the 80s during the AIDS epidemic. I finished this one a few weeks ago and have not been able to stop thinking about it. 
  • The Heart's Invisible Furies - You'll feel all the feels in this one. You'll cry. You'll laugh. You will absolutely fall in love with the characters. 
  • Long Bright River - This one is a thriller but with real depth. So it deals with topics like sister relationships and addiction. It's so good. 
  • We Begin at the End - I'm almost positive I've recommended this one before. I absolutely loved this one. Something bad happens to a group of friends, and then it picks up with the same group about 30 years later. There's a thriller element to it, but it's so much more than that. You'll love the characters.
What I'm reading this month! The full post can be found here.
  • My Dark Vanessa - I feel like I'm the last person on Earth to read this book. It's about the psychological dynamics between a teenage girl and her teacher. It's also being increasingly referenced everywhere in pop culture, and I need to be in the know. 
  • Bunny - The description of this book sounds a lot like Mean Girls, but much more sinister. i've been seeing this on TikTok for months and months and am so excited to finally read it.