The Beach Read Vol.1

The Beach Read Vol.1

As Seen on IG

Did you know we went viral? With a little help from Fritz the baby hippo and a voice over from Brittany, this reel has over 19 million views and a million likes. 

We’ve always tried to make sunscreen a little more fashion forward. Please take a look at Anya Taylor-Joy in Bask by Dior on the Golden Globes red carpet. Past Bask-inistas include Kris Jenner (Met Ball) and Michelle Zauner (Grammy’s).

Summer Reading List

We’ve partnered up with friend of the brand/content creator/fitness guru/TikTok book reviewer Nicole Pearce to provide recommendations for great reads for pool days, beach days, and every days. Check out Nicole’s book recs TikTok, and be on the lookout for her on our IG soon.


Every Monday our Instagram features #MoodboardMonday - a themed collection of photos we feel meet the Bask aesthetic. Since it’s winter, please enjoy our round up of Basky ski slope energy.

Founder Favorites

Note: in this section each month, our founders, wife and husband Brittany & Mikey are inviting you to enjoy a charcuterie board of things they've been loving, doing, or thinking about lately.

Here's a few things I've been into lately:
  • Having watched (and honestly who hasn’t?) White Lotus, I am now obsessed with Sicily. Because of this. And this. And this. And this. Apparently I’m not the only one. The hotel featured (San Domenico Palace) now has a two year waiting list.
  • Take me back to the 90s! But make it 2023 with these Platform Uggs.
  • Momming and entrepreneur-ing at the same time is…difficult. So I am currently very grateful for #parentingtiktok. It’s full of great tips, and other moms sharing their experiences. And if you’re not a TikToker, may I suggest Big Little Feelings on IG?
  • A high/low aesthetic. Give me a satin dress with sneakers. Give me a pair of heels with an oversized sweatshirt and jeans. Here’s some looks I’m loving right now: Inspo 1Inspo 2...look familiar? Inspo 3Inspo 4.

On Repeat

Did you know that we're on Spotify? Bask is not just a sunscreen, it is a state of mind. These playlists will help you get into it.