The Beach Read Vol.4

The Beach Read Vol.4

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Cousin Greg has a new bar. Is social media dying? For some reason, your next Mercedes will have TikTok. A delicious take on the Negroni. Spiraling over the dating app algorithm. And some dating advice from Soho House. The Picassos' Normandy chateau. A return to medieval medicine? Finding burger bliss in Mississippi. Hodinkee interviews Kevin Hart - a watch guy. A modernist marvel in Paris. Navigating the new frontier of text reaction emojis. Inside Amex’s new Centurion clubhouse in NYC. Yes, there is now Rose Tequila. Where did all the Merlot go? The Chicago Dog floodgates have opened. MJ heads to Sotheby’s for what appears to be a championship auction.

As Seen on IG

We're filled with "Ken-ergy" for Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" to release on July 21. SPF 50 Spray got in on the fun with its very own movie poster. We also explored the evolution of internet acronyms with our take on the most used acronyms. Turns out you've been misusing LOL this whole time! 

Bask IRL

Bask now has over 500 retail partners worldwide! From Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma; Philadelphia, Atlanta, LA; from hotels to beach clubs to boutiques, we want you to know where to find us in the real world (Here's a map btw). Because we're extremely intentional about who can carry Bask, our retail partners are really cool & vibey, and we felt obligated to start telling you about them!

New York, NY

Located in the West Village, Lahn Living is a beautiful boutique that showcases independent and emerging designers that promote sustainable practices. This is our go to spot for all things home, gift and lifestyle.
If you're on the hunt for a unique gift someone will actually use, head to Lahn Living and pick up our SPF 50 Lotion (of course) and this Viissiionss Wave Candle in Hot Pink to match. Make a day of it, and pop into ad hoc: coffee + shoppe next door for an iced latte while you're at it.

Phoenix, AZ

100 E Camelback Road, #168 Phoenix, AZ 85012

If you find yourself in Phoenix, don't miss Local Nomad. This woman-owned and led gift, home, foods & clothing boutique has one of the most carefully curated assortments we have ever seen. If you miss our SPF 30 4oz bottle, you're in luck. They're in stock!

Check out their "Local's Guide to Phoenix" for a round up of the best shops, food spots and activities. They're even hosting a Eucalyptus Eco-Printing class on May 11th where you'll learn how to transfer leaf prints onto silk.



Every Monday our instagram features #MoodboardMonday - a themed collection of photos pulled from the actual Bask mood board archives.
This month we're highlighting alfresco bathing. We dove deep into the internet to find the dreamiest outdoor showers - a true signal of the barefoot luxury we seek during our sun-soaked adventures.

Founder Faves

Add a pop of color to your bathroom with Pepper Home’s newly released line of custom shower curtains. Perfect for the summer home. 
For the Baby Baskers I love these Gathre playmats as beach mats because no matter how fine and sticky the sand is, it just slides right off. 
Let's really take advantage of the Barbie era. FUNBOY creates all sorts of pool floats and summer accessories. All eyes are on the FUNBOY x Malibu Barbie Golf Cart Float.
With many a summer wedding on the itinerary, my go-to dress designer has become PatBo. For one in Nantucket late June, I’m wearing the Pua Cut Out, and for July in Amagansett this flowy, floral Laelia Plunge dress.
We recently gave away two of these Hydroflask soft coolers on our Instagram. Partly because it's Bask yellow, but mostly because it’s just a damn great cooler.
New beach game alert! Not gonna lie: kind of bulky, kind of an annoying setup; but, once you’re playing, UBALL is ridiculously fun. Great for the long beach day with a big group.
Smuggler’s Cove is a recipe book…and so much more. A history and exploration of Tiki and tropical drinks by the owners of the acclaimed, modern Tiki bar of the same name. I absolutely loved reading this and can now make a mean Zombie - limit one per guest.
Speaking of, I think it’s time for Rum to have a moment. Tequila has had its time! I recently discovered Kasama - a fun, new, small-batch rum billed as “The Sunshine Spirit”. I can get behind that.

The Reading List

Our #BookTok expert Nicole Pearce is back with another round of recommendations. 
Does a bad ending ever ruin a book for you? Whether you're reading poolside or in your local park all of these books come with a perfect ending. 
1. When approaching the end of The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel, grab the tissues. Not just one tissue, but the entire box. She really means it. Especially if you are a dog lover.
2. Normal People by Sally Rooney, might be a controversial one to make this list. Read it and let me know what you think. To me, it is perfect given their relationship. 
3. Tender Is The Flesh is for the reader who enjoys horror, thrillers and dystopias. You won't see the ending coming... but it is perfect. 
4. Into a slow build with a major boom at the end? The Push by Ashley Audrain will have you hooked.